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Interview with Guy Geva

Meet the artist Guy Geva , born in 1973 , lives in the forest close to Jerusalempracticing painting , photography studio and nature photography.

What techniques do you use?

My discipline is oil paints, I know this stuff from the level of tens of different techniques to the chemical level . I also know several dozen techniques in acrylic , but oil is without a doubt my greatest love . Only to smell the linseed oil being mixed with pigment  rise A smile on my lips .

As for Studio shots I was working image processing software like Photoshop. I work only by using the knowledge that allows me to utilize most accurately the intensities of light and different colors I needed .

When did you start dealing with art ?

I started painting at the age of two , since then I just didn't stop ... My first exhibition was at the age of 17  - Series of small oil painting in a surrealist style which was influenced by Salvador Dali .

Did you study art?

I studied painting at the Avni Institute , and some other masters . The majority of my knowledge I learned  alone.
My knowledge of photography I learned fast drawing conclusions ..

Is your art is the source of livelihood ?

I make my living in part from photography (and clips) and drawing, and complemented I'm working on promoting Facebook pages of businesses . The work is not, in my everyday life , but is part of my daily routine ..

a feeling you have when you create ? Or what motivates you to make art ?

I do not think I'm making that I want . I create because I have to say all the time what I think and feel but can not find the words , the sentences . When I'll have no more things to say , I 'll shut up ..

What are your sources of inspiration ? For example some artists that influence you?

My inspiration are my life , the life of people, animals that are nearby and distant me
. Artists who influenced me ? Lots ! And new almost every day. I will mention two, one studio and the second drawing : Mark Rothko Painting , Studio Photography - Peter Witkin Joel

Are there topics you like to focus on ? Try to define your style .

Even if directly and indirectly if I deal with most suffering, hardship and death.

Is Show exhibition ?

I'm an artist house gallery Efrat Tel Aviv ( GALLERY excellent and highly recommended , director of woman warm ) and presented several times in New - York and in a few countries and throughout the country. Whether anyone here can close a show next year at the Guggenheim in New York - I go with the flow with it a series new I'm working on right now ...
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What is a good art to you?

Creating good ( all the arts ) is a work evokes emotions in the viewer ( listener , etc.) that were with him before he was exposed to. Created poor is creating the viewer after a momentary enthusiasm for the work went to see another work .

Tell us about your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?

Living solely my creation - photography and painting alike.

personal word ending or your favorite quote .

A true artist , no matter what field always creates no pleasure but out of necessity / need without being able to stop. It's a painful process when the piece is the only thing that relieved the pain or at least alleviate it.

I do not paint an abstract that nothing is simple and everything is full of small details ..

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Thanks Guy for your participation , continue creating fertile :-)

Translated from Herbrew with tal weiss (the interviewer) Permission

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