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Meet the artist Liron Ben-Arzi from Tel Aviv, works in painting and architecture

Meet the artist Liron Ben-Arzi from Tel Aviv, works in painting and architecture.

What techniques do you use?

All of everything . Acrylic to digital .

When did you start dealing with art ?

My first memory is protective pre kindergarten, and so forth  , I had always loved color by my hand, I feel very satisfied with my hands are colored.

Did you study art?

I've took some Art classes over the years , studied architecture at the Technion , studying art at the Avni Institute for one year and artists , teachers, special and talented people in the world has brought me the way.

Is the vow is the source of living?

Creation in a lot of it's shapes is my living source and it is expressed in painting, interior design , urban design collaboration municipalities, rebuilding distressed neighbourhoods Association for Better Housing , writing for the magazine Hdl on art and design and teaching interior design program at the " lines " School.

A feeling you have when you create ? Or what motivates you to make art ?

Fulfilment of purpose . Above all, this is what I need to do in this world, that I was born . Provide an alternative to the visual reality that surrounds us , a lot of all kinds and all colors . People close to me I say that if the day comes and I create , for some reason , probably something really wrong with me .

What are your sources of inspiration ? For example some artists that influence you?

Wow, there are a lot . Everything you see in the eyes and all you see in the mind. Dreams , books , people with perspective unique or fire in the eyes, architecture and art at any scale , light , lots of nature .. recently saw the MRI scans of fruits and vegetables that have not yet left me a different angle to what we used to see as one thing and suddenly another . And if I have to mention one name that comes to mind Victor Horta , architect, managed to distill drawing space perfectly to how perfect can be accomplished.

 Are there issues where the practice to focus on ? Try to define your style .

It varies from period to period , style , technique , investigation , color or lack of color. Much tinkering ever comes rational conscious architecture , development concept and idea , along tinkering subconscious and the spiritual world , releasing a total of hand and see where it takes me , what will be revealed this time.

Is presenting an exhibition ?

Introduced in the country and abroad when I think of the most significant was in London and not necessarily because of the scale , it was a small gallery , but the very fact possible. Painting was done in a small rented apartment, framed suddenly and displayed on a wall in a foreign country . It moved me , the challenge appears to be an impossible suddenly possible. would like to view the work space tailored specifically for them , mixing physical space with the space of thought , instead of mixing the architectural drawing , architectural drawing mix , I can see it in his eyes.

What is good art to you?

Art presents another wiew of the world . Attempt to document reality as it is as a magician , I think it was very significant value in the past to record when there were no cameras. Today .. I'm curious to see the world through other people's eyes , allowing the viewer to enter into the head of the artist, to examine the reality or imagination through mental filters other , it fascinates me .

Spit it out your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?
There is a statement that has accompanied me for several years , " Follow all directions so that you contact will forward direction " , so I'm working on daily. My work is in a variety of overlapping fields for many years when they start to fit together, but it's still not there. I'm talking about the space is painting , drawing in space , breaking the boundaries between disciplines and then write an article about it. I interview artists for many years, very tickled me to interview myself .

Personal word ending or a favourite quote you.

Man is everything and man is nothing so important to do things your way and try to do good for the environment while doing it. Contribute to open people's heads, open your head and add light and color to the world.

Translated from Herbrew with tal weiss (the interviewer) Permission

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