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Meet the artist Liron Ben-Arzi from Tel Aviv, works in painting and architecture

Meet the artist Liron Ben-Arzi from Tel Aviv, works in painting and architecture.

What techniques do you use?

All of everything . Acrylic to digital .

When did you start dealing with art ?

My first memory is protective pre kindergarten, and so forth  , I had always loved color by my hand, I feel very satisfied with my hands are colored.

Did you study art?

I've took some Art classes over the years , studied architecture at the Technion , studying art at the Avni Institute for one year and artists , teachers, special and talented people in the world has brought me the way.

Is the vow is the source of living?

Creation in a lot of it's shapes is my living source and it is expressed in painting, interior design , urban design collaboration municipalities, rebuilding distressed neighbourhoods Association for Better Housing , writing for the magazine Hdl on art and design and teaching interior design program at the " lines " School.

A feeling you have when you create ? Or what motivates you to make art ?

Fulfilment of purpose . Above all, this is what I need to do in this world, that I was born . Provide an alternative to the visual reality that surrounds us , a lot of all kinds and all colors . People close to me I say that if the day comes and I create , for some reason , probably something really wrong with me .

What are your sources of inspiration ? For example some artists that influence you?

Wow, there are a lot . Everything you see in the eyes and all you see in the mind. Dreams , books , people with perspective unique or fire in the eyes, architecture and art at any scale , light , lots of nature .. recently saw the MRI scans of fruits and vegetables that have not yet left me a different angle to what we used to see as one thing and suddenly another . And if I have to mention one name that comes to mind Victor Horta , architect, managed to distill drawing space perfectly to how perfect can be accomplished.

 Are there issues where the practice to focus on ? Try to define your style .

It varies from period to period , style , technique , investigation , color or lack of color. Much tinkering ever comes rational conscious architecture , development concept and idea , along tinkering subconscious and the spiritual world , releasing a total of hand and see where it takes me , what will be revealed this time.

Is presenting an exhibition ?

Introduced in the country and abroad when I think of the most significant was in London and not necessarily because of the scale , it was a small gallery , but the very fact possible. Painting was done in a small rented apartment, framed suddenly and displayed on a wall in a foreign country . It moved me , the challenge appears to be an impossible suddenly possible. would like to view the work space tailored specifically for them , mixing physical space with the space of thought , instead of mixing the architectural drawing , architectural drawing mix , I can see it in his eyes.

What is good art to you?

Art presents another wiew of the world . Attempt to document reality as it is as a magician , I think it was very significant value in the past to record when there were no cameras. Today .. I'm curious to see the world through other people's eyes , allowing the viewer to enter into the head of the artist, to examine the reality or imagination through mental filters other , it fascinates me .

Spit it out your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?
There is a statement that has accompanied me for several years , " Follow all directions so that you contact will forward direction " , so I'm working on daily. My work is in a variety of overlapping fields for many years when they start to fit together, but it's still not there. I'm talking about the space is painting , drawing in space , breaking the boundaries between disciplines and then write an article about it. I interview artists for many years, very tickled me to interview myself .

Personal word ending or a favourite quote you.

Man is everything and man is nothing so important to do things your way and try to do good for the environment while doing it. Contribute to open people's heads, open your head and add light and color to the world.

Translated from Herbrew with tal weiss (the interviewer) Permission

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Interview with Guy Geva

Meet the artist Guy Geva , born in 1973 , lives in the forest close to Jerusalempracticing painting , photography studio and nature photography.

What techniques do you use?

My discipline is oil paints, I know this stuff from the level of tens of different techniques to the chemical level . I also know several dozen techniques in acrylic , but oil is without a doubt my greatest love . Only to smell the linseed oil being mixed with pigment  rise A smile on my lips .

As for Studio shots I was working image processing software like Photoshop. I work only by using the knowledge that allows me to utilize most accurately the intensities of light and different colors I needed .

When did you start dealing with art ?

I started painting at the age of two , since then I just didn't stop ... My first exhibition was at the age of 17  - Series of small oil painting in a surrealist style which was influenced by Salvador Dali .

Did you study art?

I studied painting at the Avni Institute , and some other masters . The majority of my knowledge I learned  alone.
My knowledge of photography I learned fast drawing conclusions ..

Is your art is the source of livelihood ?

I make my living in part from photography (and clips) and drawing, and complemented I'm working on promoting Facebook pages of businesses . The work is not, in my everyday life , but is part of my daily routine ..

a feeling you have when you create ? Or what motivates you to make art ?

I do not think I'm making that I want . I create because I have to say all the time what I think and feel but can not find the words , the sentences . When I'll have no more things to say , I 'll shut up ..

What are your sources of inspiration ? For example some artists that influence you?

My inspiration are my life , the life of people, animals that are nearby and distant me
. Artists who influenced me ? Lots ! And new almost every day. I will mention two, one studio and the second drawing : Mark Rothko Painting , Studio Photography - Peter Witkin Joel

Are there topics you like to focus on ? Try to define your style .

Even if directly and indirectly if I deal with most suffering, hardship and death.

Is Show exhibition ?

I'm an artist house gallery Efrat Tel Aviv ( GALLERY excellent and highly recommended , director of woman warm ) and presented several times in New - York and in a few countries and throughout the country. Whether anyone here can close a show next year at the Guggenheim in New York - I go with the flow with it a series new I'm working on right now ...
( :

What is a good art to you?

Creating good ( all the arts ) is a work evokes emotions in the viewer ( listener , etc.) that were with him before he was exposed to. Created poor is creating the viewer after a momentary enthusiasm for the work went to see another work .

Tell us about your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?

Living solely my creation - photography and painting alike.

personal word ending or your favorite quote .

A true artist , no matter what field always creates no pleasure but out of necessity / need without being able to stop. It's a painful process when the piece is the only thing that relieved the pain or at least alleviate it.

I do not paint an abstract that nothing is simple and everything is full of small details ..

Guy URL :

Thanks Guy for your participation , continue creating fertile :-)

Translated from Herbrew with tal weiss (the interviewer) Permission

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Interview with liza Zabarsky

Meet the artist Lisa Zbrsky , 33, lives in Rishon Lezion. Engaged in painting and illustration .

What techniques do you use?
I often use watercolor and rapidograph . I sometimes also incorporates Acrylic and collage .

When did you start dealing with art ?
I draw ever since I can remember .

Did you study art?
I began my studies at the age of 15 in a small group , where I mainly Register. Then, I learned Proclamation of Art majoring in photography and illustration .

Do you make a living out of your art?

Creation is not only my profession , but real life . Sometimes I manage to make a living , I sometimes have to work in temporary jobs . I also teach painting.

A feeling you have when you create ? Or what motivates you to make art ?
When I create I feel like I really exist . Real presence .

What are your sources of inspiration ? For example some artists that influence you?

I draw a lot of inspiration from people , human situations , literature, poetry and philosophy .
In my youth, I was influenced by Egon Schiele very , its expressive .

Are there areas in which the driving focus ? Try to define your style .
Hard to define the style . Maybe there's a surreal element in my work , but they do not Morelistim . If surrealism is " over reality " , so my paintings are imaginary . Imagination imitates reality , emphasizes certain things to black humor .

Is presenting an exhibition ?

I participated in several group exhibitions , and presented several solo exhibitions . Here are a few:
In 2011 Einav center in Tel Aviv, I presented an exhibition called " horizon " .
2012 Gallery Artura , presented an exhibition called " yearning " .
Two months ago , the gallery " White " Kibbutz Hazor south.
Also, will exhibit in The Tel Aviv Artists house this June .

What is good art to you?

I believe good art is art with honesty. Beyond that , I can define what good art , that painting is mute. It flows through the eyes.

Spit it out your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?
I do not know . We'll see.

Personal word ending or a favorite quote you.

One of the quotes that I really love , is the words of the philosopher Heidegger on art , which he saw as the royal road to truth : "Art is not a representation of the thing depicted in it, but appearance really ."

Thanks Lisa for your participation , creation and continued success :-)

Translated from Herbrew with Tal Weiss (the interviewer) Permission

Surreal art: "Train"


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"Komish Bat Machlafta - A Fake Biography of a Real Woman" By: Dorit Kedar

‏‎Dorit Kedar‎‏

Komish Bat Machlafta
A Fake Biography of a Real Woman

By: Dorit Kedar

Once upon a time, at the beginning of the 5th century, Komish Bat Machlafta was born. She had the nerve to rush out of her mother's womb as a female. On top of that, 6 fingers adorned her palms. The anomaly of multiple thumbs forecast her future as a sorceress.
The fake biography of the real Komish begins at the age of nine. During this time she discovers her sexuality and the essence of the human kind. The reader accompanies Komish during her forced marriage at the age of eleven, through her escape to a monastery in the desert and eventually to her flamboyant life in the prostitutes’ alley in Jerusalem.

Komish’s story, which is written in a Talmudic language woven into a unique rhythm, is divided into 3 life stages:           
1.      Pre-adolescence -  Komish discovers her inner secret world and the difficulties of the external world. Step by step her complex relationship with her family is exposed, as well as her connection to a sorceress neighbor and her liaison to Joseff the dwarf.   
2.      Forced marriage and escape – Komish is forced to marry a released slave who abuses her.  She runs away to the desert, there she discovers the monastic world as well as a cosmos resonant with magic and witchcraft. Her death wishes transform into plans for a colorful future.
3.      Sorcery -  Komish transforms herself into a high-class sorceress. She         
encounters Rabbis and their Talmudic Midrash, Roman officers and their unstable commands and one big love. 

There are 3 sources for Komishes fifth century initiation story:  Talmudic stories and legends, Romans legislation against the Jews, and magic texts from incantation bowls. 

More information:

Komishe's Facebook: 

Book launch party: 

Eli Eshed: "Komish bat Machlafta – Confession of a Sorceress" NRG:

Rona Gershon: "The literary supplement – a radio interview:

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Blog Action Day - 2013 - Human Rights

Blog Action Day - October 16, 2013
Human Rights

Human Rights - yeah right.............
Hypocrite World:

Violation of Human Rights in Sudan:

China: Police Abduct 15 Falun Gong Practitioners:

Syrian Rebels Execute 51 Soldiers And Possible Civilians:

Egyptian army kills peaceful protesters:

Hamas terrorists kill innocent Palestinian in Gaza (Rare Video):

The North Korean Human Rights Crisis:






Dedicated to all people in the world,

                  Peace and love from the Holy Land:

Dedicated with love to all my family

Was murdered in the Holocaust:

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Let the Kindness lead the world .......


תנו לטוב הלב להוביל את העולם.......
Let the Kindness lead the world .......
اسمحوا اللطف قيادة العالم .......
Пусть доброта привести мир .......
Que la bondad cabeza del mundo .......
Laat liefde lei die wêreld .......
Lassen Güte führen die Welt ....

מחכים למשיח, Waiting for the Messiah, انتظار المسيح, Esperando al Mesías, Aspettando il Messia, ווארטן פֿאַר דעם משיח, warten auf den Messias, 等待的弥赛亚, 救世主を待っている,


Only Love - brings love!

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The Power of We - Blog Action Day 2012

The Power of We -  Blog Action Day 2012

I'll be good
You will be better
We will all be the best!