Thursday, April 3, 2014

Interview with liza Zabarsky

Meet the artist Lisa Zbrsky , 33, lives in Rishon Lezion. Engaged in painting and illustration .

What techniques do you use?
I often use watercolor and rapidograph . I sometimes also incorporates Acrylic and collage .

When did you start dealing with art ?
I draw ever since I can remember .

Did you study art?
I began my studies at the age of 15 in a small group , where I mainly Register. Then, I learned Proclamation of Art majoring in photography and illustration .

Do you make a living out of your art?

Creation is not only my profession , but real life . Sometimes I manage to make a living , I sometimes have to work in temporary jobs . I also teach painting.

A feeling you have when you create ? Or what motivates you to make art ?
When I create I feel like I really exist . Real presence .

What are your sources of inspiration ? For example some artists that influence you?

I draw a lot of inspiration from people , human situations , literature, poetry and philosophy .
In my youth, I was influenced by Egon Schiele very , its expressive .

Are there areas in which the driving focus ? Try to define your style .
Hard to define the style . Maybe there's a surreal element in my work , but they do not Morelistim . If surrealism is " over reality " , so my paintings are imaginary . Imagination imitates reality , emphasizes certain things to black humor .

Is presenting an exhibition ?

I participated in several group exhibitions , and presented several solo exhibitions . Here are a few:
In 2011 Einav center in Tel Aviv, I presented an exhibition called " horizon " .
2012 Gallery Artura , presented an exhibition called " yearning " .
Two months ago , the gallery " White " Kibbutz Hazor south.
Also, will exhibit in The Tel Aviv Artists house this June .

What is good art to you?

I believe good art is art with honesty. Beyond that , I can define what good art , that painting is mute. It flows through the eyes.

Spit it out your dream about your artistic development . Where would you like to say ten years?
I do not know . We'll see.

Personal word ending or a favorite quote you.

One of the quotes that I really love , is the words of the philosopher Heidegger on art , which he saw as the royal road to truth : "Art is not a representation of the thing depicted in it, but appearance really ."

Thanks Lisa for your participation , creation and continued success :-)

Translated from Herbrew with Tal Weiss (the interviewer) Permission

Surreal art: "Train"


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