Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day - 2011 - Food

`First grade, I visited my friend at home. We played, talked, and at night her mother called us both to dinner. Much to my surprise, my friend's mom (both daughters of units) very sunset dinner. Yes, those were just eggs and vegetables, but her mother made us a special dinner - party, just like during the week.
One dish contained egg half mushroom and half a tomato mayonnaise decorated with beads.

And second plate contained two half butterfly egg, pepper and olive pieces, decorated egg halves drops of ketchup.
I do not remember who ate what, but I remember standing in the kitchen of my great surprise and excitement trouble and her mother's investment, is a little ashamed to eat and spoil this treasure.
Yes I know, no child has not excited a gesture like that, kids these days are accustomed to eating upgraded, while me and my generation we had over 12 years of school every day sandwich with cream cheese, everything changed - became a celebration, sometimes, to school on Fridays, my grandmother AH She put me sandwiched there, a piece of meatloaf (minced meat) with fried onions and fresh. I think that I rock all the way to school. On the other Friday, I received there has been smeared with chocolate - and it was a celebration.
Since then, every Friday, when everyone ate fish, and I gave this place a hard boiled egg, I asked from my mother advised me like a mushroom or a butterfly, just as she made my friend's mother.
Let's educate our children simple food, food with love, healthy food. What child needs a total life .... So that everyone has food. And everyone can say thank God for the food that God gives us in abundance .....

Bon appetit!

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