Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blog Action Day October 15 2010 - Water

Pray to the good Lord,

and beg water for our childern.

My thanks to the translator: Victoria Feinerman


Giein said...

Dear Anat!

How are you?
Seoul in Korea is in so cold winter.
How about Israel where you live?

Finish 2010 well and I hope that your dreams will come true.
I hope no war, no famine.
Please hope the peace of the Korean peninsula.

Take care, and be healthy!
Happy new year!


Anat Aderet said...

Dear Giein,

I hope for peace and I wish you all the best: love and healthy, happy and luck in 2011!

Happy new year!

In Israel the winter is not so cold, and we need rain...

Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.

Anonymous said...

i think i was reading about that on NYT this month