Monday, September 10, 2012

Ido's Honey

New Year dip the apple into honey, a good and sweet year:

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What a busy time ...

It seems that the period before the New Year has one word out in particular:


It comes in all sizes, plastic jars, glass, bottles, all colors, and textures.

He can be imported or local, solid or liquid, pure or with additions, in short not boring on the shelf.

Honey of Ido is a small apiary young farm seat cob Negev.

Ido Shahar, born in Arad, a graduate of Plant Protection Faculty of Agriculture, says of himself that he does not know a moment to sit still.

And within a long period of time, along with Dana, his partner, set up Farm Ido includes the apiary with organic farming ("the goal of protecting the environment and us").

Where did it start?

Edo: "childhood. Remember well my dream even in small matters was to be a farmer, working the land, with large hands and rough ... World bee drew me to it only during my studies at the Faculty of when I chose the course beekeeping. It started beehive one on the roof of the building where we rented an apartment and slowly slowly grew.

Deborah is a fascinating life and I love the profession. This mingling country, to points where the hives are placed exposes me to nature, tranquility and serenity, it fills you up. "

What is the vision?

Dana: "beehive organic would be fantastic. Already started trying to draw the apiary existing organic agriculture but there are many difficulties along the way. Particularly difficult to locate grazing fit. Almost and there is no grazing land available, and those that exist are shrinking because industrialization, urbanization and loss endless open spaces .

Sad what is happening to nature in our country. As if no one cares what tomorrow will bring only think of instant solutions to the here and now. We as a country are infinitely stupid moves some irreversible as to destroy the open beaches and wild, build new settlements and industrial areas at the expense of reserves, parks, sands and what is not. Sentiment no longer a piece of open land, and pity. "


So how do you describe the current period of Rosh Hashana?

Edo: "busy. We love this pressure and work from morning to night. I love the references of customers who are interested in wanting to learn and be enlightened on the world of honey and bees. Established a web site, a substantial portion of which deals with knowledge and information for those interested, and I used to refer first of all to.

Now also begins the period of the end of summer and beginning of autumn. Was a hot summer this year, I spent the time with gallons of water to water the bees who are also hot. And now comes the relief and further preparations for winter. It's one of the things that I find charming in this profession, you are living the life cycle and the Wheel of the Year. "

What have you got?

Dana: "First of all honey varieties. Means different types of honey produced almost exclusively in certain species of flower, such as honey, avocado, Salmon, tamarisk, etc.. Addition we have a series of herbs and honey, the series can be found in honey lavender (amazing for me) , mint, Louisa, sage and cinnamon. really people like that concept. during the winter when we have the Southern flowering tasting booth at the fair Moshav Sde Zvi and fun to see how each one of a different flavor connect ...

Fun also hear good reviews and support, just an endless encouragement gives a push forward to continue to develop.

We must point out that since we are a small apiary all done here by hand, the product is the most natural marble, honey does not go in the machine, not heated can hurt him, and overall we are very proud of our products.

With honey We also manufacture propolis, pollen and is currently working on producing honey liqueur.

For the holiday can of course also buy gift packs a variety of styles and prices. Trying to meet all the demand, request or need that comes from customers. "


In conclusion?

Edo: "First of all like to wish a good year. Sincerely hope that we will merit the winter well. While high rainfall and well dispersed in terms of profits while I'm honest feel it in my girls (bees, of course), but also in terms of vegetation, flowering, insects, birds , in celebration of nature that can not be described in words ...

I encourage each and every one to visit the south, walk more and strengthen our children and our connection to the environment and nature. "

Ido's honey site:

And facebook:

‏Photo: מתנה לחג: קערה מקרמיקה של יערה ניר-כחלון עם... יערה בפנים!‏

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